Music To Play When I'm Dead

Recently I had the occasion to tell my wife, while watching Richard Manual’s emotional performance of “The Shape I’m In” on “The Last Waltz” that this was a song to play when I’m dead. And it got me to thinking. Like many people, music is very important to me, almost as vital as air. So what music would I want played when I was dead- and on what sort of occasion? And ultimately, what would other people want to be remembered by, at least in song?

What follows are the first steps toward answering those questions. Thank you for assisting me in this project. I am very grateful. All information is optional. However, the more you provide, the better. Take as much space as you need. If you would like any information to be considered confidential, please denote, otherwise, I will assume all responses can be published. Thank you again for your time, and perhaps you and I both will learn about how you’d like to be remembered- musically. Thanks, James Mann

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